Saturday, April 16, 2011

Something from Neptunus Lex…

The Collings Foundation's F-100F Super Sabre from INVERSION on Vimeo.

The Collings Foundation’s F-100F Super Sabre from INVERSION on Vimeo.

Col. Day had 5000 hours in his log book, and 4500 of them in fighters before he volunteered for combt duty in Vietnam. He stood up the first “Fast FAC” squadron to fly high risk forward air control missions, and was shot down on his 65th sortie up north. Badly injured in the ejection, he nevertheless managed to evade his captors and cross the DMZ back in to South Vietnam, becoming the only American POW to escape from North Vietnam. Recaptured by Viet Kong just miles from a US base, Col. Day spent five years and seven months as a guest of the Hanoi regime, who broke his body but not his spirit.

He is the only person ever to have been awarded both the Medal of Honor and the Air Force Cross.

I hope you enjoyed the flight, colonel. And a tip o’ the tam to the Collings Foundation for setting it up.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Bible States It Clearly - There Will Never Be Peace

Here's another video (2 in a day!) that depicts the insightful world view of some of those of those who follow allah, the moon god.

Christians Don't Believe That The Bible is God's Word?

Here's another looney look at someone who passes for an expert talking about what Christian people believe. Then the American Family Association spokesman clears it all up. A good use of your time, IMHO.